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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming To Town

The Man in the Big Red Suit has come to town. Last year when we had breakfast with Santa, Miss Priss informed me that it wasn't the REAL Santa, it was one of his helpers. So I asked her to let me know if this one was the real one or another helper. Happy to report that this one is REAL! How do we know, "because I can see where his hair grows right into his face" and "he has the magic key" says Miss Priss.

Our Social Committee organizes this every year for our neighborhood. Santa comes to one of the homes in the neighborhood and reads to the kids. Then each of us has the opportunity to visit with him and take pictures. So much nicer than the mall race. They even serve lots of sweet treats as well. It's really a nice event.

And I even got a quick pic with the two of us!  And that rascal elf of ours snuck in as well! Love, the magic of Christmas.

May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy this Christmas

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