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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf

So, I'm sure most of you about Elf on the Shelf. If not, it is a sweet little story created by a mother-daughter duo here in Atlanta. Go check it out. But long and short of it is that each child has an elf that shows up between Thanksgiving and Christmas, reporting back to Santa each night. Well the elves are known to do all sort of things and hide in different places each morning upon their return from the North Pole. Here are our adventures with our elf, Patchy, this past year.
Note: all pics taken with an iPhone.

1. Marshmallow Fight with Dinosaurs, Lions and a feminine looking Prince

2. Riding on a tank, taking down an army of Green Men.

3. In a sea of peanuts making snow angels. Pissed off cat optional.

4. Ornament making kit. Kit was to make a Sacagawea and Little Pomp Ornament. Note Patchy is wearing his own headdress.

5. Mark height on wall.

6. Silly string, don't worry it cleans up easy peasy.

7. Shower complete with shower cap. Used a throw away left over cover, sold in grocery stores.  

8. Go get your Elf hair done with a Christmas bow.

9. A little dry erase marker makes any photo into a art piece.

10. Hand made gift tags. Make sure to leave some blank for the little one to decorate.

10. Arts and Crafts with your Elf, snowman made from cotton pads. Flash light helped our Elf create during the night

11. A reading with Santa, The Night Before Christmas.

12. Patchy had to read the bible to make sure he didn't forget the true story of Christmas.

13. Sitting on the cookie table enjoying some of the baked goods.

13. Took a ride in the mystery machine. He was trying to find where the gifts were hidden.

14. Double date for a viewing of Elf on The Shelf.

15. Chilling with the Calico Critters, enjoying a picnic.

16. Kicked back watching a movie on the flat screen. Thank you Barbie furniture.

16. A gift for Miss Priss, was a paint your own nativity set.

17. Hanging out by the mistletoe. Guess elves need loving too.

18. Wanted to be part of the family photo montage.

19. These late nights are wearing him out. OK, he didn't stay here but this is where Mommy wanted to be.

20. And if you are really lucky, your kid will loose a tooth during this time. I mean how much can one mom be expected to remember. Oh, and we had a visiting "elf" show up.

21. Riding a rocket ship. Pre-assembly required.

22. Following night, parachuting from previous rocket ship but caught in the chandelier.

23. Chilling by the fire to warm his toes.

24. Sitting atop the Christmas presents from Santa in the morning. Note from Patchy said that Santa said he could stay an extra day to watch Miss Priss open her presents. (Typically they leave on Christmas Eve, not to return again until next Thanksgiving). Miss Priss said this was her favorite present this year!

And the following which were not pictured:
25. Dyed the milk pink.
26. Sleeping in the bed with Mommy and Daddy.
27. Riding in the sleigh (a Christmas decoration)
28. Hanging out in the freezer, cause he was hot.
29. Laying in a pile of wrapping paper after a night of wrapping presents.

I think that is all of them but I sure wouldn't swear to it. It sure is a lot of work but is really a ton of fun. Miss Priss looks forward to it every year. She says Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday "'cause that's when Patchy shows up!"

Here's to hoping you had some fun this Christmas!

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