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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cause I'm easy, easy like summer mornings....

I just don't think there is anything easier than summer decorating! First everything is lush and vibrant, well right up until we go into a month long drought, but I digress. And talk about cheap, I mean where else can you get a basket of color for about $3?! And souvenirs from those summer vacays, well grab a few shells, toss in a mason jar with a little water, a little sand, a little bleach to keep the funky green stuff from growing and wa-la, ya got yourself a centerpiece.

And then, the really free version,  cut flowers from your yard and insert into mason jar! How easy can that be? Tip of the day: Have HOT water in your container when you cut your hydrangeas and insert stem into them immediately. As in take the HOT water with you to the yard. Every few days, dump the water and replace with HOT  water again and trim the ends. They will last a week or more with this method.

And if all else fails, throw a couple of cute kids in the mix with some cheap popsicles! They will either make everything look better or you'll be so busy cleaning up popsicle mess that you won't notice what needs a little summer sprucing.

Happy Summer Days!

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Holly said...

Great tip about the bleach in the mason jars! I have several of these jars and you've got some cute ideas for them...thanks! Glad you linked up.

Richella said...

I'm a fellow lover of hydrangeas! Aren't they just the best? I've never tried hot water before, although I posted today about making fresh flowers last longer, too!

Nice to meet you!

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