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Sunday, October 2, 2011

If I Had A Million Dollars....

How many of your projects have started like this; a pile of crap stuff from the Dollar Store? My SIL (sister-in-love) was coming over from Craptacular Tuesday. (When Miss Priss was little bitty she couldn't say crafts, it came out craps which has sense been known in our house as arts and craps which as we all know is sometimes the absolute truth) But I digress. A pile of crap stuff. Hum...how to make these look less Dollar Store, more million dollars. Or at least Target quality and maybe if we are lucky, Pottery Barn knock off. Bring on the paint, ModPodge, glitter, sticks, arsenal of craft supplies.

Mixed a little "vanilla" paint with MP and gave all the gourds a good healthy coating. Let dry for surprise result. Kabob them with chopsticks, removed the plastic stem, inserted sticks from the yard.

I already had the urns and the moss. Plop they went into the center.

I didn't want to coat them all white, liked the colors of the gourds, just needed to be toned down and a little a lot less plastic looking. Just ditching the plastic stems were a giant improvement.
I think I'm diggin' the colors.

This last one is a little change of speed.  But figured I'd toss it in as well seeing as it was created on Craptacular Tuesday as well. My SIL made three of these to take back to her hacienda as well.

These are a few others we did with the glitter method. MP and chocolate glitter. Once again, rip out the plastic stem and insert stick. Instant improvement. These are kickin' it in my living room while the others are residing on my dinning room table. Ahhh, a few little inklings of Fall are cropping up around the Savvy Shanty.

Well whats the vote, Dollar Store, Target or Pottery Barn knock off? Let me know what you think.


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~*~Patty S said...

Got the Autumn Crafters blog link from Paper Whimsy

Great ideas and inspiration
I applaud you
$ store stuff always makes me happy too

thanks for sharing
Happy Fall

Anonymous said...

I really like these ideas. I have never thought of trying to make stuff cheap and shiny look better that way. It all looks so expensive and classy!

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