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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Streetbeater

So this title might be a bit odd at first glance, but I promise it will all come together after I spin this yarn. So, here's how it goes, it's full on garage sale season and I entice my girlfriend, Jen, the one who's closet I did the redo on, you remember her. If not, go check out that post  here. Anyways, I entice Jen into going with me. We pile into Big Daddy's truck and take off with a list of places. First stop we hit the mother load, not just good finds but also some killer Jamaican jerk chicken! I mean y'all, it was out of this world! I'm pretty sure I was moaning when I was eating it.

So we eat this killer Jamaican food, buy a ton of stuff and then we hit a dry patch. Couple of dead spots. No goodies. Now we could have gone home but it was a beautiful day and we had no children. They were at home with the Daddies. No way were we going home early! Then we hit this killer BBQ joint,  Moonie's Texas BBQ and refueled. I mean I love me some BBQ, especially North Carolina style but this stuff is dang good. You gotta try it! Ok, sorry, shinny object, back to the hunting.

After refueling on killer bbq, creamed corn and all the other yummy fixin's we hit two more spots and bought several more goodies. Oh and I think we had to head out to an ATM at to resupply as well. Wow, this is the longest story about a table! All this brings us to this table and the fact the upon return we looked like Sanford and Sons, the show where the father was a junk man. I thought her mate was gonna fall out in the yard when we pulled up with stuff overflowing out of the truck! He started humming This tune, the theme song from Sanford and Son; hence the title, which until this evening I had no idea was called The Streetbeater by Quincy Jones.  And if you wanna see a before of this table, go check out this post.
So all of this to say, this table is available for purchase.
Message me or swing by Queen of Hearts for pickup.

Hope you enjoy. Oh, and the pics, clearly I took them at Christmas time and have just now gotten around to posting. Table was painted in ASCP Old White with clear and dark wax.

  Sanford and Son Theme Song

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laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I am laughing out loud! I'm surprised nobody's ever hummed that tune when I pulled up! Cute table! I hope you don't mind that I posted a picture of your V'tine blocks on my blog (with a link back to your blog). I saw them on Pinterest and was inspired by you to make my own. If posting your picture is a problem, please let me know, and I'll remove it. Thanks for the inspiration! laurie

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