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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lady in Red

Holy Ugly Paint Batman! What the flim-flam were these people thinking? Oh and just to add to the visual, I'm pretty sure the blue is tempera paint. You know, the kind you used in school that when it dried out, you just added water and shook the bottle and ta-da, new paint. Yup, that's what this little beauty was painted with. But there are good bones under there. And who among us hasn't been caught in an awful outfit? Ye be the first to cast stones. 

Well check out this make over! Who would have thought?

Look at how this cleaned up. Now it was not without a LOT of sanding but as you can see in the close up photo's, I left some of the color and of course it wasn't all going to come out of the nooks and crannies. 

I also scrubbed and scrubbed the hardware with mineral spirits and a wire brush and an electric wire brush attached to our sander. Once all the old clown makeup had been removed, I sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze from Rustoleum.

Now that she's all decked out, it's time to name her and send her on her way. Off to a new home and a new life. She's reminds me of the islands, so in honor, I will name her after my cousin Susan who loves all things island, Jimmy Buffet, back porch sitting, cold beverage, laid back life kind of girl. I'm sure she will bring as much joy to her new life as Susan brings to those around her.

 The dresser is painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, clear wax and a dark Briwax top wax coat.

 I hope you have enjoyed this before and after. Quite the transformation if I say so myself. Let me know what you think!
Have a great day!
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing. $ 75 for the table only.

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the cape on the corner said...

well that is surely an interesting piece. who knows what the flim flam they were thinking, lol. never heard that before!

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