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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Give Me An H!

Give me an H! Give me a U! Ok, so you know the drill. This is a snapshot into our living room. We have the beautiful wall of windows and killer trim. From the moment we moved in, I new I wanted to do something in those boxes. Kept my eye out for wrought iron pieces or something of the like. Thought about spelling something out. But I new I didn't want to cover those windows up. I love all the light that comes in. And the trim work is too pretty to cover up.

 My friend Jen, over at Social Salutations use to be a Stampin' Up rep. I was hosting a party at my house in my dining room. Leafing through the catalog, I saw these letters and had that AHA moment. I jumped up from the table, ran into the living room and counted boxes! 

This is great. This is the just what I was looking for! Stampin' Up sold these letters in individual packets so you just ordered the letters you need. (Jen is no longer a Stampin' Up rep so I don't know if they still sell these letters). These letters are the vinyl cut letters that
  can be removed at any time. However everyone that sees them think that I hand painted them! No a chance in Christmas that I could get them even close to looking this good.

So, these are our window treatments in our living room. Maybe one day I will make some roman shades. We'll see. I like that they are different and not what is typically above windows. Hope you enjoy this window treatment  that's "out of the box". Bad joke. My apologies.


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Kimberly said...

Miss Ginger dear, I love this!!! Not what you typically think of when you think "window treatment" but just fabulous! Thanks for mentioning The CSI Project to Court and I. We definitely need all the help we can get as new bloggers;)

Renee said...

I really love this idea! Beautiful!!

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