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Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome Home....Fall

Here's a little sign I bought for our front door back when we moved into our home in '07. Think I picked it up at Joanne Fabrics but wouldn't swear to it. It's seen better days. The berries use to be orange (I think) maybe red. Who knows? Either way the sun has faded them to white. And I'm sure the vine was in some organic shape that didn't resemble a train wreck. I still like the sign but it needed a little sprucing. And it totally fit the budget whereas buying a new one was not what Big Daddy had in mind. He is a function over form kinda guy, new seasonal front door decor isn't exactly what he considers a necessity. Off to the craft room we go...

And here is the spruced up version. Stripped the faded train wreck of a vine. Hit the corners of the leaves with a little ModPodge and orange glitter. Took a scrap piece of burlap (from another failed project) and cut it into a thin long strip and wove it onto the existing wire hanger. Gave the whole shebang a fresh coat of clear acrylic spray paint and slapped that baby on the front door. Waa-Laa! And that should milk us at least one more year. Cost: $0.00! Now that's what a I call a deal!


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The Other Me Is Sane said...

I love the sign and think I'll try sprucing up a sign or two. Thanks for sharing

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Ginger, I love the added burlap to the sign. Thanks again for linking to the Open House party.

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