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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flowers On The Wall

Recently Big Daddy, Miss Priss and I traveled to Washington State for a vacation. My in-laws joined us for a portion of our trip. My MIL (mother-in-love) and I were both enamored with all the gorgeous flowers. My mom was an avid gardener and I thought I'd seen some beautiful flowers but the flowers out there took the cake. I became quite engrossed in taking pictures of all these stunning little gifts from God. And I immediately hatched a plan to make some cards for my MIL for her birthday with the photos.
Here are a few snapshots of a set of ten cards I made for her. I attached the photos to natural colored cardstock which I thought was a nice balance to the brillant colors of the flowers and folliage. I then labeled all the cards with the names of the flowers pictured. The pink flowers above are Japanesse Bleeding Hearts.

Always a favorite, the poppies. Crazy that they can grow just about anywhere without a whole lot of work but their petals are tissue paper thin.

All packaged up and ready to give!

Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Love!


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