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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love Beach Music

Provision Co. Holden Beach, NC

Post Labor Day trip to the NC Coast with Big Daddy and Miss Priss. We met up with two of Big Daddy's friends and their families. Big Daddy and said friends have been friends since boy scouts and two of them were roommates. We all have youngins now and are scattered hither and yon so it was a treat to spend a week together.
We spent the week reading, swimming, fishing, boating, watching sea turtles hatch and chasin' five ragamuffins.

Miss Priss reading her unicorn books. Finished two during the week.

Had to make a sand mermaid.

Baby sea turtle that hatched during the day. Really an amazing miracle.

Miss Priss deep sea fishing.

Miss Priss and Big Daddy and some of their catch. Had a great day fishing and came home with 55lbs of cleaned fish; snapper, grouper, sea bass, grunts, trigger fish, king mackrel! Yummo! Market value would be close to $800 for all that fish! Come to Momma's freezer!

This is our "little" boat we use to scoot around the ICW. She's a doll, super reliable and lots of fun.
So after the last trip of the summer, I guess it's time to ease into fall. Stay tuned for the fall shake ups around the Savvy Shanty.


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