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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Falling

It's apple pickin' time in the South. And usually it's still hot as hades when we are out pickin' but thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, we have had a reprieve from the heat. Time to head up to the mountains to grab us some delicious goodies.

Miss Priss and I even were able to break out some rain boots and some britches!

That deliciousness is just so tempting!

Me and my girl. So nice to spend a day out of the classroom and out in nature. We learned how the pioneers would use a orchard and preserve the fruit.

Miss Priss and her friends. And the students of our one room school house.

Recreating the Adam and Eve scene in the bible, with a couple extras Eve's and a little humor thrown in.

The bambino's up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The apple of my eye!

Washing apples to make apple chips.

Hope you are out enjoying the treats that fall brings. Next stop, Fall Festivals!


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