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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Furnished Apartment

Once upon a time I was in college, and once upon a time I rented a furnished apartment and once upon a time I moved out of the apartment and various random pieces of cheap read ugly furniture followed me. This brings me to this little gem. I think this is how it ended up in my basement. See Exhibit A:
Exhibit A

Now, I like a challenge and this one posed one. First, she was vertically challenged and second, she was made from the weird speckled wood that nobody knows what it really is made of.
Now to address the height issue; clearly a pair of heels would solve that problem. (It always solves mine!)  See Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: High Heels


Exhibit C: T Nuts

Exhibit B will screw into Exhibit C says the man at Home Depot. Who knew? All you need to do is drill a hole into your wood and hammer the t-nuts into the wood and then your legs high heels will screw right into it. See examples below.




Now a few coats of Annie Sloan http://www.anniesloan.com/ chalk paint later and what we have folks is the following!




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Jennifer said...

This came out awesome Ginger!! I have never seen that in your house (probably because it was hidden in the basement)! Love it!

Ginger said...

Thanks Jennifer! Hoping to do more of these and sell them! We will see....

Cindy said...

i did the same thing to a couple of tables too, but i gave mine stilletto's :)


hugs, cindy

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