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Friday, June 3, 2011

Light on the Wallet Letters

So for quite some time I have coveted these moss letters out of Pottery Barn, but at $79 per letter, pshha, that wasn't happening! Especially when I was certain I could make them myself for much less. And much less I did; I managed to pull it off for $4! Thank you $Tree! Score one for Ginger's pocket purse! Scroll on down to see how I did it!

Well unfortunately I am missing some pics, they have disappeared no-man's-land. But imagine if you will, I cut a H using my Cricut. Placed the the paper H on styrofoam I had left over from something that had come in the mail. Traced and outline of the H and began cutting. This was very laborious and would have been much easier had I had an electric knife. Once the H was cut out, what I should have done was wrap the whole letter in some burlap. I didn't and it came back to bite me later on.

Moss Sheets from Dollar Tree (used four sheets)

Using floral wire, I cut many, many sections of wires two inches long and bent them into U shapes.
I began cutting the moss sheets, fitting them together like a puzzle to fit over the H, sticking the U-shaped floral wire into thru them and into the Styrofoam to secure them.
Several sheets and lots of floral wire later, we had what you see in the above pics..
Here is where I wish I had wrapped it with burlap first, many of the joints showed white Styrofoam thru the moss. I took a bunch of crumbs of moss, mixed them with modgepodge and squished them into the cracks and crevices.
Once dried, I sprayed the whole thing with clear acrylic spray paint, several coats letting them dry in between coats.

And you can see, I am paying om age to Pottery Barn with a little recycled ribbon attached with hot glue. Below you can see the original image from Pottery Barn.
Note: Camera is not picking up true color. It's not quite as green as the PB version, but isn't as brown as what is appearing in pics. C'est la vie!


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