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Monday, June 13, 2011

Vintage Bowling Pins...err...kinda

Don't you just love these vintage bowling pins! Love the patina, the chipped paint. Can't you just imagine all the years spent at the bowling alley, all the first dates there, all the last dates there. The popcorn, the drinks, the funky shoes that lots and lots of strange feet have been in. Man, if only these could talk! The stories they would tell.
Well, I have a little secret I'm gonna let you in on. They aren't exactly vintage. And they have never spent a night in a bowling alley. But..... and this is a big but... they did spend about a year or so outside in my back yard. And I do know their past. They were born in Target all shiny and new. Then they were given as a gift to my daughter. And well, you know how kids are...the rest is history. A few years left laying around under the deck and wa-la! Vintage bowling pins! Well, if five years counts as vintage, then they are totally authentic!

Now they hold a place of honor as a little summer decorating on my dining room table. Light, casual and little quirky.



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