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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beauty School Dropout.

Yup, this is what our homeschooling room looks like after a summer of shenanigans! One hot mess! While we continued learning throughout the summer, we were on a modified version that was done at the kitchen island. Which left this room open for a dumping ground. Ahhck! Well school is back in session and we have added a new student to our one room school house, thus requiring some organization and rearranging. Now of course I thought to take pictures half way through the process. And when I say design on a dime, well that would have been a luxury, this was design on no dime, use what you have, make it work People!

After I had moved the desk from the wall, I remembered to take pictures! Oh me and my impatience!

This desk was previously up against the wall, I had to come up with something new to accommodate three students opposed to two.

Which opened up this wall for props.

Ohh, look, we can get to the shelves! What a concept?!

These are the shelves that were cluttered and blocked, broke them down and ran them along the wall of windows. These sit behind the desk where I can get to all of our supplies.

And this is where I found Miss Priss reading her bible in our new, uncluttered, classroom. Ahhh.....


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