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Thursday, August 18, 2011

She's an American Girl!

 So for Miss Priss's birthday this year, she requested an American Girl/Unicorn/Rainbow slumber party. Quite the theme! And believe you me I wasn't going to shell out the $$$$ for one at the AG store  was determined to come up with something fun and creative. So here you go, enjoy!

Tiny food shaped erasers picked up at Walmart for  .25 cents for two. Check, that's in the budget.

Tiny American Girl size cakes made. And teapot crafts we made for the girls to put all their "food" in after the party.

Found a basic cake ball recipe. If you aren't familiar with it, just google it, there are a ton of recipes out there.

I made sleeping bags from two pieces of fleece, cut with slits around the edge and tied together. (That is what is rolled up in front of each place setting.)

Those of you that know Jen over at  http://www.socialsalutations.blogspot.com/, this is her daughter decorating her sleeping bag. I ordered flowers and butterflies from Oriental Trading that were self adhesive for the girls to decorate with.
Here is the link for the butterflies and flowers:

Here is Miss Priss decorating her sleeping bag. Also used the butterflies and flowers as table decorations until we did the craft.

And the four Little's with their completed sleeping bags.

One deliriously happy birthday girl who told me that "This was the best birthday party in the world! Especially because there were no boys!"

And for breakfast, blueberry muffins both in regular size and American girl size.

As for the rainbows and unicorns, they came in to play on plates/napkins and a pin the horn on a unicorn game. She saw them and had to have them. After pizza, crafts, mini-cakes, and presents they all adjourned to the the playroom with all of their dolls and played. We topped the night off with popcorn and an American Girl movie. Then of course they stayed up and giggled til midnight!


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Anonymous said...

Hmm, wonder where you learned about cake balls? ;-)

pinklotus said...

sigh, and this among many many other reasons is why I am so glad your little Sprouticus self tumbled into my world!! x0x0x0

Pilar Johnson said...

What kind of material are the butterflies they attached to the sleeping bags, and how did they attach them so they would stay on. I'm thinking to try the sleeping bag idea for my daughter's american girl pajama party.


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