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Sunday, November 20, 2011

With a Little Help from My Friends

So it's no secret that we home school. The benefits are unimaginable, for our children and for us. The feeling of knowing exactly what is being poured into my child's brain and soul each day is an amazing gift. And the support that we give each other is really something that gives all of us strength. There are three of us strong, opinionated, alpha females that pull this gig off each week. So you ask, what does this have anything to do with a pic of a bed? Well, here's how it played out.

I arrive to pick up Miss Priss (it wasn't my week to teach) at my partner in crime educating our little birds. Well one of the tiniest birds wasn't in the best mood exorcist, was tired and was testing even the most patient woman's nerves. This calls for help! In the form of a Cupcake! STAT! Why, do you ask is Cupcake capitalized? Because this is no ordinary cupcake, it is the one that comes with a pretty blue and yellow label and a cork. Me: "You wrangle the birds and throw food at them! I'll be right back! Quick! Break!" A quick zip up the road, food thrown at the tiny birds, sounds of laughter and playing in the background, we sit down and eat linguine with shrimp and cupcake in a glass. (Don't worry, husbands were occupied with war shows and such) Well, insert into the background a half completed headboard that has been lingering around for a month or so. Me, "We are gonna finish this tonight. Top us off and grab the staple and gun and let's go!" D, "And lets have dessert, another cupcake!" Well, some staples, some screws, a little hot glue, Houston, we have a headboard! Take that HGTV! That's how you make a headboard in an evening. And tufted at that! Booyah!
Now, in fantasy land, I'd of taken a bunch of pics and done a tutorial but alas I only had my phone handy. And to be frank, we were having to much fun to worry with those silly pics. And besides, if there is one tutorial on tufting a headboard, there are a thousand. The only thing that is different about this one, is that thick, pink insulation board was used as the base rather than MDF. This was the homedepot guy's idea. Makes it light and easy to hang. Hopefully it will hold up to the magic!


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Dianab said...

It's holding on for dear life!

xuan said...

You guys did an amazing job. Surprisingly good with all that cupcake you had ;). Ginger...you need to come back to Dallas. I have a ton of projects that need finishing. And moochie wants to hit on you some more ;)

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