Who doesn't want their shanty to be a bit savvy, a bit clever, creative, a bit sensible, sharp and ingenious?! But hey, let's face it, most of us are living on a shoestring. Here's how I'm doing it my way, making our nest a Savvy Shanty.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom, We have Lift Off

You remember that feeling as a kid the night before Christmas when you couldn't sleep 'cause you were crazy excited. And then as a parent, you get to experience that again when you have kiddos and you are so crazy excited for them 'cause you love 'em so and you know that they are crazy excited. Well, that's kinda been our house the past few days. I'm the little kid that can't sleep and Big Daddy is...well he's the one that is excited for me. And after ALOT of hard work.....Major Tom, we have lift off. Welcome to The Savvy Shanty live. Take a little tour. Enjoy! And hopefully it won't look like this long. Come on people, let's shop! 

Check out those leather vintage suitcases! Yummy! Had a hard time letting them go.

Look at that Plantation Chair! Honey Hush!

The detail on this dresser is delicious. And the hardware is all original and just scrumptious! The wooden pedestal bowl was another goody that I really wanted to keep. It might need to come home and visit for a bit. Oh wait, I'm suppose to be making some money here. Oh rats!  And those lamps are solid wood and weigh a ton!

Well, I sure wish I had those photography skills that captured the beauty that is really on the other side of the lens but alas, I do not. And as I look a these pics, I remember that I was exhausted and should probably have waited to try and take pictures. Oh well. What  I really wanted to do what pop a bottle of champagne and toast the new and exciting "venture" as Miss Priss use to call such things.

Hope you'll stop in to the The Queen of Hearts in Buford, Ga and come see me on aisle "church".


1 comment:

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I go to the QOH in Buford all the time. I will have to check out your booth. I just found you through your friend Jennifer at Social Salutations. It is certainly a small world.

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